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Community Mediation

Mediation helps to strengthen community relationships and preserve safe and peaceful living environments by helping citizens resolve conflicts in a constructive manner. Our trained mediators help people work through day to day issues ranging from simple things like neighbors who drive too fast or have a barking dog, to more complex issues involving city codes and regulations. Other examples of situations where mediation can be successful include the following:

  • Neighbor to neighbor disputes

    • Animal control

    • Property line, fence and easement issues

    • Property maintenance, traffic and parking

    • Issues with roommates / housemates

  • Landlord and tenant issues

    • Impending eviction

    • Property maintenance

    • Noise complaints

  • Manufactured home communities problems

    • Park manager / home owner issues

    • Neighbor to neighbor disputes (see above)

  • Consumer and merchant disputes

  • Home Owners Association (HOA) issues

  • Workplace Mediation, Facilitation and Training. Conflict in the workplace can be costly and time consuming. Up to 30% of a manager’s time can be spent dealing with conflict, and the expense of replacing an employee who has quit or been terminated is estimated at between 75% and 150% of the employee’s annual salary. Unresolved conflict also has substantial negative impact on morale and productivity.


      Our trained mediators can help resolve conflicts in the workplace involving       co workers, workers and supervisors, work groups or teams. Workplace           issues may include the following:

  • Discrimination

  • Sexual harassment

  • Discipline, performance and evaluation

  • Interpersonal conflict

  • Workforce diversity issues

  • Americans with Disabilities Act

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