Mediation works because it is

  • Informal – free of red tape.

  • Fast – can produce agreements more quickly than courts. Agreements can often be reached in one meeting.

  • Convenient – sessions can be held evenings or weekends to accommodate your schedule.

  • Affordable – costs less than courts or attorneys.

  • Voluntary & Confidential – all parties sign a confidentiality agreement which states that information disclosed during mediation will not be disclosed to people outside your mediation without your written permission.

  • Helpful – promotes trust and understanding because each party has been heard.

  • Empowering – parties set the terms of their agreement.

Supported by: Greater Douglas United Way, United Way of Southwestern Oregon, City of Bandon, City of Coos Bay, City of Coquille, City of North Bend, and individuals.

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Common Ground Mediation is a section 501(c)(3) Charity in the State of Oregon
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