How Mediation Works

Step One: Contact Common Ground Mediation

  • A trained mediator takes information and contacts all parties to explain the mediation process

  • If everyone agrees to mediate, a neutral location and convenient time is set

Step Two: Mediation

  • Each party gets an uninterrupted opportunity to tell what brought them to the mediation

  • The mediator(s) asks questions to help clarify and identify issues

  • The mediator(s) guides the parties in exploring options for win/win solutions

  • Everyone’s needs are respected and considered

  • All parties work together to reach a solution acceptable to everyone involved

  • If an agreement is reached, it is written, and all parties sign the document

Step Three: Moving Forward

  • Participants leave the session feeling validated and heard

  • Trust is rebuilt and relationships are preserved

Supported by: Greater Douglas United Way, United Way of Southwestern Oregon, City of Bandon, City of Coos Bay, City of Coquille, City of North Bend, and individuals.

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Common Ground Mediation is a section 501(c)(3) Charity in the State of Oregon
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