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Welcome to our Training Portal

*32 spots available - 16 in Coos County & 16 in Douglas County.*

Common Ground Mediation has been training community members, volunteer mediators and other professionals in Coos & Douglas Counties since 1998. The communication and relationship skills that we teach encourage parties to use appropriate dispute resolution methods to resolve their differences. Our mission statement - to advocate for collaborative conflict resolution by providing education and affordable mediation services - is in part accomplished through this Basic Mediation Training program.

In 2019 we moved from a strictly classroom-based training model to a blended model that combines online and experiential classroom learning. Rather than having six days in a classroom setting over a period of two-plus weeks, we have moved most knowledge-based content onto our website training portal and have reduced in-classroom time to 2 days. We recognize that you are all busy people and have different learning styles, and hope our blended approach fits your needs. This 2-part training allows you to determine the pace of your content uptake while allowing us to ensure you can use that knowledge by participating in mock mediations, small group discussion, and presentations.


Part 1 is the online portion - Approximately 24 hours. Students will have access to our online Portal and can login 24/7 where they will be able to see the 6 Course Modules with 3 Appendices and Video sections. This portion of the course deals with the theory and practice of mediation and conflict resolution, as well as the attributes required of a mediator.

  • Students must complete all six modules, and included exercises, and a draft Opening Statement prior to participating in Part 2.

  • You will have the opportunity to observe actual mediations as your schedule allows.

  • We will provide support throughout this portion of the course in several ways: Contacting us anytime via phone, email or our online forum; You will be assigned a coach after the completion of the first Module; We will provide at least 1 opportunity for students to gather and meet our staff, volunteer mediators, and other students in-person prior to Part 2.


Part 2 is the classroom portion - 16 hours. This is where students will come together for 2 days with other class participants, experienced mediators and trainers. In this portion of the course they will see a complete mediation, participate in several mock mediations, and engage in reflective activities with our coaches and trainers.

  • Douglas County: TBD

    • Roseburg Office [1000 Stanton Ave, Roseburg, OR]

  • Coos County: TBD

  • Students may attend the classroom portion in either county.

  • There will be a morning, lunch and afternoon break both days.

    • Snacks and hot and cold beverages available; bring your own lunch.


Once Common Ground Mediation's Basic Mediation Training has been completed, individuals will have conducted several types of mock mediations and practiced most, if not all, of the skills presented in Part 1. In addition, they will also have fulfilled the Oregon 32-hour Basic Mediation Training requirement, allowing them to mediate in the state of Oregon.

How to Register:

  • Click here to create a login. You will be redirected to your 'My Account' page.

  • You will receive a "Welcome" email from us containing further instruction.

    • Check your SPAM folder if you don't see one arrive within the hour.

  • After completing the steps outlined in your email & your payment method has been confirmed we will contact you to confirm your access to the Modules.

Remember: Upon future logins always return to the 'Modules' in the drop down 'Portal' list in the upper right of home page menu.


  • Private Entities and Individuals: $500

  • Nonprofits/Local, State, Tribal Government: $300

  • All Basic Mediation Training options include a $100 non-refundable deposit which guarantees access to Part 1 training materials on our website and a spot in the Part 2 classroom sessions.

  • Limited scholarship opportunities available.

  • Optional: Become a volunteer mediator with Common Ground Mediation and receive a 50% refund of your fees, contact us for more information on volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for considering Common Ground Mediation for your training needs! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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